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Handwriting Generation Training My Batch Sketch – RNN (Kangaroo) Kieth Haring SVGs

Solar Potential

By / April 10, 2017 / All Posts, Data Art

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Evolutionary L Tree

By / April 5, 2017 / All Posts, Nature of Code

I’ve been irrationally obsessed with fractals for some time now. Part of the reasoning for this sketch was to get this out of my system – otherwise I thought the L Tree would be a great introduction to genetic algorithms. Starting with the most basic homing rocket example, I reworked many of those functions to… [read more]

Almost Nature of Code

By / March 29, 2017 / All Posts

I came at this project with the goal of combining these three projects into a responsive binary tree that blended three channels of CMYK and spawned new numbers as they touched other nodes. I did none of this.┬áHaving very little interaction with p5 since ICM, I really considered converting the binary tree into Processing where… [read more]

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