Intro to Comp Media

  • 360 in 2D!

    This project was an interesting clash of how I wanted the sketch to work and the limits of my tools. As the visualization progressed I increasingly felt a strong way to show the sketch would be in a 3D space, though a VR headset – mainly because so much of the activity took place off… [read more]

  • Recursive Assignments

    By / November 17, 2016 / All Posts, Intro to Comp Media

    Surprise – fractals! It’s pretty clear I’m into natural forms and the mathematics that shape them. I’ve been experimenting with some basic recursive programs like the tree fractal, and knew my final project would relate in some way to natural geometry. Mulling over how exactly to execute a more thorough study into fractals, I came back… [read more]

  • Space Odyssey

    The video exercise was was right up my alley and I had high ambitions that I completely failed at. My overall goal actually recalled a past problem I had when making the bulging ellipse sketch. I wanted to create a circular area (centered on mouseX and mouseY) that influenced the video. Ideally its effect would… [read more]

  • Temperature Fractal

    I firmly believe all infographics should be in fractal form. Bar graphs and circles are all great, but c’mon – fractals. This exercise was my first encounter with CSV files and really any kind of meaningful data visualization. So far at ITP, I made pretty and shiny projects with no meaning whatsoever. Using external data… [read more]

  • The Hopeful Fractal

    I finally completed my bulging sphere sketch! (even though I cheated). My aim was to manipulate a sketch only at a certain distance from an origin point (mouseX and mouseY), in this case to alter the angle of a background grid to create the illusion of a sphere. This is not what I did. Instead… [read more]

  • Crossy Lines – Physical Interaction

    I really only scratched the surface of what connecting an arduino to p5 can allow. After making a quick boolean expression button and the potentiometer-moving ellipse I naturally spent the next week trying to figure out something I couldn’t do. But first, I made my flower spin!  The harder project idea was to have a… [read more]

  • (Not Quite) Nature of Code

    Woah – I had a lot of growing pains with some of the new material. Probably because I created a sketch from scratch rather than my go-to manipulate a better programmers program approach. I’ve been feeling a pull in all my classes to slowly shift to realizing some ideas I’ve always been eager to work… [read more]

  • Funky Fishes

    By / September 29, 2016 / All Posts, Intro to Comp Media

    I’ve been looking forward to this type of assignment ever since I saw last year’s Big Screens. I’m never positive exactly what I want to get out of a subject, but using P5 to create repetitive designs is definitally one of the more shiny things I’m drawn to.Jeff and I started our collaboration working separately… [read more]

  • ICM Question

    By / September 24, 2016 / All Posts, Intro to Comp Media

    In a nested array, how does the division of two complex variables happen? I came across an array (distances[x][y]) that was equal to (distance/maxDistance). Each of these are a variable that when expanded looks like: dist(width/2, height/2, width, height); / dist(width/2, height/2, x, y). Do each of these variables turn out one value that is… [read more]

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